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Worth of 1881 silver dollar coin

worth of 1881 silver dollar coin

The CC silver dollar is worth around $ in very fine condition. In extremely fine condition the value is around $ In uncirculated condition the price is. Coin Info · 9,,; $35+ · CC: ,; $+ · O: 5,,; $35+ · S: 12,,; $35+ · Proof: ; $3,+. Morgan Silver Dollar. The Morgan Silver Dollar was first introduced in , but it was by no means the first of its type. worth of 1881 silver dollar coin

Worth of 1881 silver dollar coin -

Fine: Once distinct and well defined features of Liberty are now reduced by moderate wear, lowering the grade to "fine" condition. A silver dollar with extensive wear is designated as "good" condition. These coins will show ample signs of damage, and in most cases the damage is such that the overall condition of the coin is poor. An acceptable amount of wear is distributed evenly across its surface. Pricing the Morgan Silver Dollar When it comes to determining a price for the Morgan Silver Dollar, there are a few factors you must take into consideration. Normally, the process of analyzing the condition of a coin is something best left to the professionals. Many finer strands of hair have worn to the point of combining into larger flattened areas. Condition and eye appeal of the top coin sets it apart from most dollars, untouched since minted its lustrous and vibrant toning with mark free surfaces showcase the classic beauty of the Morgan design. Remaining are a few and now flattened hair curls showing behind her neck and ear. Because collectors only want coins that have been well-preserved over the years, finding excellent coins is never an easy task. Both dollars pictured represent coins of collector quality and solid value. Loss of detail is worth of 1881 silver dollar coin with the merging of just a few strands of hair found above Liberty's forehead and below her cap. Wear to the surface worth of 1881 silver dollar coin the delicate texture of original mint luster leaving these areas dull.

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