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5 thoughts on “Blackbeard silver coin

  1. Tina Taylor says:

    В @Paul TravellerВ  I use keystone bit-fx you can contact me on telegram williams_claytom

  2. Malati Roy says:

    with avg acct holding $500. 90% of these noobs will ONLY look at price. #LTC for the win.рџљЂ

  3. hrishi mhatre says:

    The slight smirk when you said Hoskinson says everything. Can't hide that excitement Lex!

  4. Prakadeesh RT says:

    Isn't this only beneficial for already established artists? Someone who is unknown within the art community wouldn't be able to make a name for themselves in this space, they would be drowned out by the larger names and thus their art would have no value. The value of the artwork lies behind the artist that created it much like "real life art". So you need to have a following online that would already be interested in owning one of your artworks. Otherwise getting into this isn't worth it due to the sky high gas fees, correct?

  5. Diganta Roy says:

     @Henry Cooper  It’s not all about watching videos and wasting time on strategies


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