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How to clean your coins at home

how to clean your coins at home

Simply place one coin in a glass or tub and pour coke over the top, enough so that it is fully submerged in the liquid. Leave the coin to soak for. How to Clean Old Coins and Dirty Coins · Soak dirtier coins in a cup of white vinegar — The acid in vinegar is great at dissolving stubborn stains. Vinegar. A common ingredient in DIY eco-friendly cleaners, the acetic acid in white vinegar can help wear away the contamination on your coins.

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Cleaning coins: My favorite technique Cleaning Everyday Coins This method for how to clean coins that you use every day is a little bit more abrasive than the technique above. How can I clean old coins? Warning — how to clean your coins at home not mix coins together when they are soaking in the Coke, as some coins may discolor other coins. Rinse the baking soda and debris off with more clean water, and repeat the steps if vatican silver coins. The only coins I ever touch the faces on are the ones I am about to spend!

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