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Antique roman coins for sale

antique roman coins for sale

Discover the best way to buy ancient coins for sale through APMEX. When you buy prized ancient coins, you invest in a timeless asset that can be nearly as old​. We sell Roman Coins to coin collectors around the world. Buy Ancient Roman Coins safely using Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. Related search topics: ancient Roman coins for sale, ancient Roman bronze coins for sale, ancient Rome coins for sale, Roman ancient coins, coins Augustus​. antique roman coins for sale

Antique roman coins for sale -

Near VF, smoothing in fields. Choice deep brassy cabinet tone. Like the first collection, these coins are at least years old, each coin comes in nice collectable condition, clearly identifiable with a well-defined portrait of the emperor who issued it. There are different types but all have his portrait on the obverse, and usually a standing or seated figure on the reverse. A beautiful coin with stunning detail and lovely patina. Nemausus Mint, BC. Excellent detail. Scarce type! Marcus Aurelius, AD. Commodus, AD. Z in rt field, ANT in ex. Sharp detail.

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