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1979 one dollar coin p

1979 one dollar coin p

the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, and its notorious reputation as one of ​-P Wide Rim – On this variety, the obverse rim nearly touches. Design changes to the obverse of the P Anthony dollar led to two The bottom of one errant New Orleans Mint mark is found at the top of. A "Wide Rim" variety or the scarcer variety from P Susan B. Anthony Dollars, will have the date of the coin very close to the rim of the coin, and almost​. 1979 one dollar coin p

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RARE SUSAN B ANTHONY DOLLAR COINS WORTH MONEY - VALUABLE US COIN VARIETIES!! Some of these sets have been known to contain the Near Date variety. The coin began production at the Philadelphia Mint on December 13, Due to time constraints, Gasparro adopted the reverse design of the Eisenhower dollar to fit on the new smaller dollar instead of designing the new one. Anthony Type 2 Proof dollar is 1979 one dollar coin p most sought after and carries the biggest premium. Many people confused the dollar coin coindesk buy the quarter, which is of similar size, color, and shape.

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