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5 thoughts on “1889 united states one dollar coin

  1. Radhe Nayak says:

    В @Marat MetoffВ  bitcoin fees are .0005 which is like 30 dollars, litecoin fees are .001 which is like 25 cents

  2. Pinki Kashyap says:

     @斎藤春樹  I’m good, first time buying Eth since it was just a few dollars, and that’s why. I’ve been in the space since 2010, I was just curious what that garbage coin would cost me in simple transactions...guess I know now

  3. Debt To Dollars says:

    В @Umpa LumpaВ  I am not native english speaker could you explain what's the deal with selener ??рџ§ђ

  4. Sangita Kumari says:

    i feel like this is definitely a miscalculation on naval's part. if he wants to propagate ideas, sharing them on the JRE to millions of people would do that. who gives a fuck if he repeats a point or two


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