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5 thoughts on “Original crypto coin price

  1. Foreverwith Zayn says:

    ​ @Brandon sanchez  Actually I bought DOT at $4, farmed DOT/REEF pair on Binance at ~3000% APY which was supposed to be 260% APY but the price on listing pumped REEF to $0.16 so I dumped it all for mad cash on Binance listing morning... Then dumped my DOT at $8 because its a project destined to doom. This is how you make money not HODLing a shitcoin.

  2. Sundhar Sundhar says:

    I was just about to mention this in a post. You can self publish on Amazon. Put the link in your videos and the manosphere Will respond in kind. I need books like this to have my son read. I don’t like telling him stories I rather he read them himself.

  3. Rx Tushar Jadhav says:

    The track shifted then Little Dragon started singing, and she carried the song. That's talent.


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