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Amor fati coin

That everything I face can be of some purpose (or at the very least keep life from being boring). Robert Greene, who helped me design the coin. Amor Fati - The love of fate. The rehearsal and reminder of death was a core teaching in stoicism and a key focus in all of the stoic texts. To accept your mortality. Coins. Learn more about our Memento Mori, Amor Fati, Ego Is The Enemy and The Obstacle Is The Way medallions by clicking the images below.

Amor fati coin -

Both the front and back of the coin are bordered with stars; inspired by a quote from Meditations, which talks about running with the stars in their course and to see the world as they do - from above and afar. We are like a dog tied to a moving cart, they thought. The reason? That everything I face can be of some purpose or at the very least keep life from being boring. Thank you. Fueled by the strange chemicals in the various buildings, green and yellow flames shot up six and seven stories, threatening to destroy the empire Edison had spent his life building. He did not throw himself into the flames. It is a beautiful quote which carries a lot of meaning, befitting of its place on the coin. The reason? Fire engines from eight nearby towns rushed to the scene, but they could not contain the amor fati coin. What would that amor fati coin

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  1. DJ studio says:

    В @Ecard EcardianВ  haha almost. It's almost like they want to build chronic reoffenders so that their buddies businesses (and their own and their lobbyists) can sell garbage at extortionate prices


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