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1942 nederl indie 1 10 g coin value

1942 nederl indie 1 10 g coin value

Jun 11, - S Netherlands East Indies 1/10th Gulden KM# 1/10 GULDEN g., Silver oz. ASW, 15 mm. Ruler: Wilhelmina I Obv: Crowned arms divide value Obv. Legend: NEDERL INDIE Rev: Inscription within circle Edge: You will receive the exact coin(s) pictured and described above . Assess world coin values with the World Coin Price Guide on View Netherlands East Indies 1/10 Gulden prices, images and mintage info. Weight: g. ASW: oz arms divide value. Obverse Legend: NEDERL INDIE S, 1/10 Gulden, 75,, Shop Now! $. P/P, 1/10 Gulden. I have recently found a Nederl Indie coin. It is 1/10 G and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what it was made out of or if it is worth.

: 1942 nederl indie 1 10 g coin value

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FOXWOODS ONLINE FREE COIN PROMO CODE The coins were also referred to as 'quarter', 'half', and 'whole' rupees, as 16 silver rupees were worth a 'whole' rupee, on the same way that 16 Silver Indian Rupees equated to 1 Gold Mohur. The system caused great confusion, but the easy money is not canceled locally until 1942 nederl indie 1 10 g coin value, and in to Los accounts. On 8 Maythe government announced that Dutch currency of and later was legal tender in the Indies. The coins exhibited significant variation in weight, and were crudely made. Prior to European contact[ edit ] A number of forms of payment were found throughout the archipelago prior to European contact. There are silver and gold presentation strikes. Netherlands East Indies - Minted by the U.
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1942 nederl indie 1 10 g coin value

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Old \u0026 Rare Netherland Coins including 1 Gulden Silver Coin - Netherland - Europe

1942 nederl indie 1 10 g coin value -

These latter duits were issued dated — In the Indies the Dutch stuiver coin was thus worth 1. Production resumed from to early , and again from until These coins remained in demand until the midth century, and production only ended in However they had no official exchange value.

1942 nederl indie 1 10 g coin value -

In practice, the rijksdaalder proved less desirable than the better-known Spanish 8 real coin, and as the rijksdaalder contained more silver, they disappeared from circulation. The mint's first product was the Javan gold ducats or dirhams, produced —, valued at four silver rupees, and made of 4. The rijksdaalder , with The notes were in denominations of 25 up to gulden the bank was not allowed to issue notes below 10 gulden , totalling 1. They were produced in the Eastern Islands of the archipelago, which the Dutch captured early in and

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