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Metal coins for d&d

metal coins for d&d

Dnd coins · Fantasy D&D Coins in Velvet Pouch · The Dragon's Hoard | 60 Metal Coins in Leather Pouch RPG Tabletop Gaming LARP Cosplay · More colors · DnD. Fantasy Coins - Rangers Gold: Toys & Games. 50 D&D Fantasy Metal Gold Coins & Leather Pouch for Dungeons & Dragons Novelty Tabletop. Made from metal - Metal coins are just so much cooler than plastic ones. Also more durable. Some sort of denomination on the coin would be really sweet, that way. metal coins for d&d The coins will be handed out to many players, they'll get lost, etc. There should be plenty of it - we need more than a couple of dozen coins. We are around players - enjoying many quests, treasures, bribes, merchant dealings, etc. Want to improve this question? It is not currently accepting answers. Update metal coins for d&d question so it's on-topic for Role-playing Games Stack Exchange.


4 thoughts on “Metal coins for d&d

  1. Kaushal GOYAL says:

    В @John RВ  Absolutely, and as I said, that is achievable just because of the huge number of clients they will have.

  2. Santosh Dash says:


  3. Mohammad Salman says:

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