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Coin kiddie rides for sale

coin kiddie rides for sale

Kiddie Rides For Sale & For Rent at PrimeTime Amusements. Contact us for more info, machines available for sale and for rent! We pay CASH! Contact for Price. Do you want to sell your coin operated kiddies rides?Cash paid on. May 23, - Many kinds of coin operated rides for sale. See more ideas about kiddie rides, coin operated, riding.

Coin kiddie rides for sale -

If they do need, we can apply for them, but the cost will be paid by customers. Performance Easy to operate and handle, coin operated, low managing cost. Jungle Tiger coin operated kiddie ride, restored in 'Power Lube' theme. A ride draws 5 amps of power at start and then pulls 3 amps while running. Restoration features custom saddle and graphics HOG theme coin operated kiddie ride Unique restoration of star wars land speeder kiddie ride Restored Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. coin kiddie rides for sale


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