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Susan b anthony one dollar coin

susan b anthony one dollar coin

The Susan B. Anthony dollar is a United States dollar coin minted from to , when production was suspended due to poor public acceptance, and then​. Get the best deals on Susan B Anthony Dollars (, ) when Susan B Anthony Liberty D ONE DOLLAR U.S. Mint Coin. The United States Mint issued Susan B. Anthony one dollar coins from through and then again in Although you do not find. susan b anthony one dollar coin

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1979 D Susan B. Anthony One Dollar Coin

Susan b anthony one dollar coin -

They had high hopes that this new smaller dollar coin would circulate well in the United States. Anthony dollar in Unfortunately, the coin's size and color were very similar to the U. Image: CoinMogul blog Susan B. Anthony dollar was widely confused for that denomination in transactions. Occasionally, you may be able to find circulated coins available at your local bank.

Susan b anthony one dollar coin -

Coin collectors can purchase the sets for a slight premium over face value. Susie B. Photo of an uncirculated Susan B. Legislation authorizing a dollar coin in a gold-colored composition and with a plain edge was introduced to the House and Senate in , where it eventually received approval with a provision calling for it to depict Native American guide Sacagawea. In the following year, the mint introduced the new "Golden Dollar" with Sacajawea on the obverse. His initials are located on the obverse near the lower right side of the portrait. Anthony in place of the allegorical Liberty was met with criticism by most numismatists, who believed that the Liberty design had far greater artistic merit. It was curtains for the Susan B. Anthony dollars in only for numismatic sales. Uncirculated coins can be purchased at reasonable costs from your local coin dealer. Anthony Dollars, in any condition, are worth considerably more than common SBA dollars. Anthony dollar coins, you can get the most money for them if you sort them and organize them so a coin dealer can quickly see what you susan b anthony one dollar coin.

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