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2 thoughts on “Double sided dollar coin

  1. GMPS Lokrymullan says:

    Personally, a self-sufficient PRIZM coin with its paramining, simplicity and convenience gives me a feeling of confidence and reliability!

  2. Bhupender Kumar says:

    You are literally telling what you want it to be, not what it is or how it acts. Only because smth is scarce doesn’t necessarily make it valuable, there are lots of scarce things we don’t care about. Look, even most respected crypto evangelists, like Andreas Antonopoulos are saying: "Don't invest money you cannot afford to lose into BTC", there is probability it will all go to zero (or close to zero). Treat it as it is. Non-correlated speculative asset which may be 10x in price or 0x in price within few years. Not a flight to safety. Not a safe haven.


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