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Csa 5 dollar coin

csa 5 dollar coin

Apr 28, - I'm almost certain this is a fake/reproduction. It's in great condition (​too good). It is identical to the CSA one-cent coin by Robert Lovett. Find the current Confederate States of America values by year, coin varieties, and specific grade. B. F. Taylor, and in he sold the die along with his original Confederate Half Dollar to coin dealer Ebenezer Locke Mason, Jr, who in turn sold.

Csa 5 dollar coin -

My Brother in law says that this coin looks too good to be dug. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Peterson in New Orleans who was unfamiliar with techniques required to engrave coining dies. We then swung by and picked up my brother. The die was made by a printing plate engraver A. Now watch my brother in law find gold next time we are out. He starts walking towards us holding it up to where we can see it. Everything went smooth as silk. My brother made no such pact and is arguing with him. My brother gets another good solid hit. The Csa 5 dollar coin Liberty obverse of the coins were flattened some because of the one-sided strike.

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