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Benjamin franklin half dollar coin value

benjamin franklin half dollar coin value

Produced from to , the Franklin Half Dollar is a neat piece of American currency that has a unique denomination, as it is a coin. Benjamin Franklin; leading author, politician, printer, scientist, philosopher, publisher, inventor, civic activist, and diplomat. Reverse Image: Liberty Bell with a small. Coins for sale for Franklin type Half Dollars items. How Much Franklin Half Dollars are Worth: Franklin Half Dollar Values & Coin Price Chart.

Benjamin franklin half dollar coin value -

Its reverse was used as the basis for the Franklin half dollar's reverse. If you want top dollar for your coins, you need to sort them and organize them so the dealer can quickly see what you have. This coin was minted from 90 percent pure silver with a reeded edge. Philadelphia is noted for minting Franklins halves every year of the series. Two straps across the beam are tied to the bell. Noticeable is wear just above Franklin's ear. A small degree of wear is dulling the tops of the letters in comparison to the bell. Depending on the current price of silver, the coin could be worth more because of its silver content than its value to a coin collector. In Mint State grades San Francisco variety halves carry a premium. Don't expect to walk into a coin shop with a bag of coins and have the coin dealer dig benjamin franklin half dollar coin value them to pull out the nice ones. It ceased operation striking coins for circulation in Franklin Half Dollars were then regularly minted until Grading the condition of coins is often the difference in higher benjamin franklin half dollar coin value.

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