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4 thoughts on “1980 liberty dollar coin

  1. Colin Blaas says:

    18:55 I was listening to this in my sleep mask earphones trying to go to sleep and then that shit happened. About had a fucking heart attack.

  2. Hassam AB says:

    В @ngpdreamteam2k4В  ive been in bitcoin since 2017 when it was $500. Ive researched it every week trust me i know what it is. Ive put 6 figures into bitcoin i wouldnt do that if i didnt know about it all. The thing im interested in is what the the video is about: swing trading. I have swing traded in error when i thought we were at the top and had to buy back in. Going from 32btc to 24. Ouch. But if i do get close to the top and sell. Then i can have my 32 btc back by buying back in low. I forgot my fundementals and sold by emotions. My mistake. Checking NVT weekly and weekly RSI above 90 is the key. If NVT stays red, HODL. When NVT turns white. Its time to sell. And i will.

  3. MD NISAR Ali says:



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