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1800 dollar coin

1800 dollar coin Coins. Best Morgan US Dollars-Old Coin Collecting-USA Old Replica Morgan Dollar Coins-Handmade US Coin USA Coin Book Estimated Value of Draped Bust Silver Dollar (All Varieties) is Worth $1, in Average Condition and can be Worth $26, or more in. The Draped Bust dollar is a United States dollar coin minted from to , and was In , silver deposits once again began to decline, and the total silver dollar output for that year was , In , following complaints from the. 1800 dollar coin

1800 dollar coin -

Bullion deposits continued to decline, and in , silver dollar production reached the lowest point since with a mintage of just 7, pieces. Later, assayer Albian Cox died suddenly from a stroke in his home on November 27, , leaving the vital post of assayer vacant. Eckfeldt son of Adam Eckfeldt and William E. It is unknown why the current date was not used, but R. Nicholas Way. Julian suggests that this was done 1800 dollar coin prevent coin collectors from being angered over the fact that they would be unable to obtain 1800 dollar coin newly dated coins. Julian, however, places the beginning of production in either late September or early October[5] while Taxay asserts that the first new silver dollars were struck in October. The first is simply the "Normal Dies" variety featuring no major errors or special features - although this variety has many minor sub-varieties unlisted here included within 1800 dollar coin. Julian speculates that Henry William de Saussurewho was named Director of the Mint on July 9,may have suggested it, as he had stated a redesign of the American coinage as one of his goals before taking office. Coinage began on the first United States silver dollarknown as the Flowing Hair dollarin following the construction and staffing of the Philadelphia Mint.

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