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Cryptocurrency register

cryptocurrency register

cryptocurrency register

: Cryptocurrency register

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Cryptocurrency register
Cryptocurrency register 223

5 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency register

  1. Seruxe says:

    the macro economic outlook for bitcoin overrides such details.

  2. Kalu Jagtap says:

    TMI the king of Conspiracy theorys...Good entertainmentрџ¤Ј

  3. Erick David says:

    TheTuutio u r too short sighted. U arent suppose to own a whole bitcoin anyways. It would only be for the rich. A nba player or movie star would easily buy at 200,000$ when bitcoin is adopted. Theres rich ppl everywhere. U just see the poor ppl. Thats why none of the poor ppl dont own any gold either. Whos gonna pay 10,000$ for 5oz of gold? Well the rich ppl would.


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