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Zhou coins

zhou coins

Spade money was an early form of coin and commodity money used during the Zhou dynasty of China ( to BC). Spade money was shaped like a. Ancient Chinese coins appear to have been issued at weights based on multiples of the shu. Dr. Woo has recently brought to our attention a group of Zhou. Get the best deals on Zhou Dynasty ( - BC), shop the largest numismatic marketplace at

Zhou coins -

Woo has recently brought to our attention a group of Zhou Dynasty bronze weights on which the official weight of a shu was 0. The round coins from the knife money areas typically had square holes. Even if the weights of the coins were not fully standardized, they took to certain range, with g for. All coins were marked with the place of origin, and the value with few exceptions. The back was marked with signums or a number. Most examples of this type have no marks indicating an issuing authority, suggesting more a form a primitive money than a true coin, but a large hoard found in see Hartill page 17 contained many examples with marks and those are true coins. zhou coins

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