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Www news com au coins

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Check Your Wallets! The $1 Coin That Could Be Worth Thousands

: Www news com au coins

Www news com au coins 949
Www news com au coins 200 dollar coin value
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4 thoughts on “Www news com au coins

  1. Kalpanik Duniya says:

    Alot of people say you are listing KIN. Do you have a release date? Will you help with the swap?

  2. Shahed Khan says:

    If government sold more bonds and destroyed the amount of money that it received from those sales by reversing the money creation process (in conjunction with the action of the Federal reserve) and reducing the national debt then that would raise the price of the remaining fiat money in the economy. But that is not likely due to the politics of politicians promising more than the economy can afford.

  3. Aniket karankar says:

    If this seems like shit talk to you.... Do some macro economic, historic, politics etc. research, and you find out that slavery is still here and control = violence and opposite of freedom. And if you think people need controlling, well, just LOOK at what open source developing has been able to do. Leaderless, non hierarchical collaborative effort is what people do when they are not dictated from above. Great results.


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