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World 3 ghost house star coins

world 3 ghost house star coins

The player must climb these stairs before time runs out to reach this Star Coin. Star Coin 3 - Mario will need to be in his Shell Mario. Accepted Answer. As you're climbing along the horizontal rope, drop down before the moving floating platform. Go through the door. Time for another fun elevator. In the second area, there are several ghost lifts. If you ride the first one all the way​, it will take you just below the first Star Coin. You'll either. world 3 ghost house star coins The next chamber is similar to the first one, except that the hidden area behind the wall contains a Coin Block instead of a Star Coin, and a rope is extended on the ceiling. Star Coins Star Coin 1 At the very start of the level, turn around and run backward into a secret spot with a coin. Layout[ edit ] This world 3 ghost house star coins is the first Ghost House in the game. Go through the door into the room with the three ghost lifts. Switch again. Be quick about it, though, because the lift will disappear. After the first time it plummets quickly, search the right side of the elevator shaft for a hidden area with this coin.

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