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5 thoughts on “Willard coin exchange

  1. Daniel Luster says:

    I have about 1.5 ETH ive mined over the past year or so. Since these are ETH 1.0 coins, how do you exchange them for the new ETH 2.0 coins? Should I just sell my ETH 1.0 coins and buy back into ETH 2.0 or is there a better way to convert them? Naturally, I can't stake because I don't have 32 ETH 2.0 coins.

  2. Indra Indra says:

    I've already made one on how you can fund Binance. Check it out here:

  3. Razia Ahmed says:

    pero madre mia varo que haces aquГ­ compaГ±ero xD

  4. Circle says:

    It's easy to do that with hitman he is quick tempered lol he is an aries 😂


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