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Widows mite coin replica

widows mite coin replica

This Unique pendant is made of a brass coin REPLICA (copy) of the widow's mite coin, housed in a Sterling Silver pendant, with an elegnat handmade bail. Widow's Mites, also known as Leptons or Pruta, were the smallest known denomination in ancient Jewish currency. These were regular coins from the. Buy pcs of Ancient Widows Mite Coin, widows Mites Coins Roman Reproduction Antique Bronze Coins online at low price in India on

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A Widows Mite / Bible Coin Because this coin is a reproduction of historical coinage, we have added text between the spokes of the wheel that roughly translates to, "reproduction" in ancient Hebrew. Widows mite coin replica colorful description is included with history and widows mite coin replica about the coin. Customer Reviews. Coins are struck one at a time in the Dekado coin price using antique machinery and traditional coining techniques. We arm you with our staff to help with the function and our event planners to take care of every detail throughout the day! Know More Weddings and Social Gatherings in Ahmedabad Marriages or similar social gatherings are rare occurrences that happen in everyone's life and we want it to be perfect.

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