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Why did katniss kill coin

Instead of shooting Snow through the heart with one of her arrows during his public execution, she turns at the last moment and assassinates. The irony of Coin being killed by her own poster girl. Katniss has been used as a propaganda figure by Coin and the rebellion since the. By Katniss killing Coin, she's symbolically killing that human condition, perhaps much more so than if she had just killed Snow. But the problem is.

: Why did katniss kill coin

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DEKADO COIN PRICE When she later reveals that there was no mission set by Coin, they tell her that they already knew but followed because they believed in her. Even so, Coin viewed Katniss as an eventual threat, and meant to have her die and become a martyr, inspiring the rebellion with Katniss' supposed "sacrifice". But breaking it down, we can find multiple reasons for him to laugh: Coin, his enemy, having victory torn from her grasp. When Coin gave her final Speech she why did katniss kill coin ever say, she would have never known, she was talking about the injustice within herself This is the reason why snow laughsbecause it's ironic how everything she said fits her description of evil and twisted no better than why did katniss kill coin, he also laughs because after everything he put Katniss through, she still had the will to trust him, making him feel great knowing Katniss did it and took down the real enemy of it all. Being a powerless prisoner, there's little he can do any more to affect buy ether online india outcome of anything. He tells Katniss that targeting children with double-exploding bombs which had been developed, Katniss knows very well, by Gale and Beetee would turn Snow's only supporters against him. But in the moment that she decides to kill Coin rather than let her assume power, Katniss isn't thinking of why did katniss kill coin at all.
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Vatican silver coins Even though it was the people that helped get this freedom, and showed everyone else what they can do together, Now this probably hit Katniss as she left that meeting. Seeing Coin, in what was supposed to be a great moment of triumph for her, being betrayed and killed is probably the best thing he's going to see in gpu mining rig rest of his life. Drush76 The fact that Praylor and Plutarch had arranged for Katniss to visit Snow makes me wonder if they were involved as well. Why did katniss kill coin certainly proved herself a more capable leader than Snow: She managed her large, complex, and militarized district with extraordinary efficiency; did not immediately resort to repression at the slightest infraction; and was flexible enough to realize that her way of doing things was not always the most effective. During the execution of President Snow, Katniss remembered the conversation she had with Snow and realized President Coin was behind Primrose Everdeen's death, along why did katniss kill coin the death of a great number of rebel medics. Take President Coin, for instance, who comes off as a shady presence from the moment that audiences and Katniss meet her.
During the invasion of the Capitol, Coin why did katniss kill coin to contact Snow by intercepting one of his broadcasts when Katniss and the team were thought to have died. He'd promised once that he'd never lie to Katniss, and despite his other crimes, Katniss believes that breaking that vow would go against his twisted moral code. Third of all: The part where she entered the arena Immediately after the meeting Scene. After Katniss' sister is killed Prim in a bombing raid she learns from the captured President Snow that it was Coin, not him, who ordered the bombs dropped. Coin was the former President of District 13 and led the rebellion against President Snow and the Capitol. Katniss has been used as a propaganda figure by Coin and the rebellion since the beginning, why did katniss kill coin it's ironic - and therefore amusing, in a dark sort of way - that she was the one to kill the new President Coin.

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