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5 thoughts on “What rhymes with coin

  1. Shahjad Ali says:

    I started with Lady Gaga, then Katy Perry, then here lmao

  2. Prem Kumar says:

    В @VoskCoinВ  I shot and edited network television for 20 years (before non-linear digital editing) as well as being an indoor grower for 30. You have the creative bug and you're well on your way to complete independence. Independence is key to doing it your way. The creative process is extremely time consuming and often a frustrating process most will never understand. I know how much work you're putting in. I've been following your journey for awhile. You will succeed.

  3. Jayaraj V says:

    Sounds like Satoshi is going to cash in when Buffet or Gates try's to take control or manipulate it, then takes his bitcoin and runs with it

  4. MASTER FAAY says:

    YES YES YES on suggestions for how to build the portfolio!! YES YES YES PLEASE!!


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