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What makes a coin rare

what makes a coin rare

For example, some coins with higher mintages are worth more than other coins with lower mintages because more people may collect that series. Demand and. Condition – The final major factor in determining coin values is the grade or condition of the coin. The more wear and tear that a coin has undergone, the less​. Discover The Royal Mint's most rare coins with a breakdown of the most rarest coins. Find out if you have a rare coin in your collection. what makes a coin rare

What makes a coin rare -

Turn the coin around and look at it from different angles. If the coin was right-side-up before turning it over, the reverse should be exactly right-side-up as well. Examine the Date and Mint Mark The date and mint mark should be a special focus of your attention because these are among the most valuable errors you are likely to find in circulation. The more coins you search through, the more likely it will be that you will find something of interest or of value. Pay close attention to the mint mark, if present. Also, it could be a very rare case that you discover a major mint error that could be worth significant money. If the doubling or other flaw is so insignificant that it is hard to see with a 10x loupe, it's usually not worth much. Coin and paper money values are based what makes a coin rare a combination of rarity, grade and collector demand. Develop good coin-checking habits from the very beginning and you may locate error coins and die varieties that are circulating right now. For instance, check all of your pennies, and then your nickels, then your dimes. Of course, aesthetic design could be how a coin was worn down or toned a particular way, which makes for added uniqueness. Examine the Reverse Following the same sequence as you used for the obverse, examine the reverse side of the coin, with the coin oriented what makes a coin rare down. If the edge has letters, look for doubled or missing letters.

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