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What do nintendo coins do

what do nintendo coins do

Well, get ready: We're about to do just that. The system's points are spread across multiple types of digital "coins," which buy rewards limited. Every Nintendo Switch game purchase you make, whether in the eShop or a physical game, earns you Gold Points. Those points can be used toward purchases for things like background themes for your 3DS, Prima game guides, and discounts for Wii U purchases. What are Gold and Platinum Points? Nintendo Gold Points are a digital currency that you earn from buying new Nintendo games. Each gold coin.

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How to use your My Nintendo Gold Coins in the Nintendo Switch eShop If you buy that same what do nintendo coins do at your local Best Buy, you'll get 60 Gold Points. March 5, p. The catch? After all, these points don't last forever, and saving a couple of dollars is better than saving nothing at all. When you buy a new game via the eShop, the purchase screen will ask whether you want to apply your Gold Points for a discount, and if so, how many.

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Just visit My. On Monday Nintendo updated the system to let you use points to actually get free games from the Nintendo Switch eShop. It's a nice idea, but it's always had problems. Nintendo will award you some Platinum Points for your efforts, and explain a little bit more about how the digital currencies work. Nintendo's Just For You deals are a little abstruse and unpredictable, but also potentially quite substantial. what do nintendo coins do

What do nintendo coins do -

And you'd already own that game anyways. The catch? According to the fine print, "Gold points for physical Nintendo Switch software can only be claimed within one year of the game's original release date. The deals come and go, so I can't guarantee that you'll find the exact game you want, at the exact time you want to buy it. Each gold coin corresponds to 1 cent. The distinction between the two seems rather arbitrary.

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