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Wet dry world red coins

wet dry world red coins

The Red Coins are located in the "Down Town" section of the course. One way to get to it is to enter the. Star 4 – Express Elevators–Hurry Up! Star 5 – Go to Town for Red Coins; Star 6 – Quick Race through Downtown; Star 7 – Coins Star. Star 1. You're finished with the first area, as this star requires you to collect the Red Coins, which are located in the second area. You will get there via.

: Wet dry world red coins

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Wet dry world red coins -

The cage will carry Mario to the top, but still inside the cage, allowing him to reach the golden Power Star. Go to the platform just under the Top o' The Town star, and carefully long jump over to the cage surrounding the Express Elevator — Hurry Up!! The next one will appear up one level by the Heave-Ho once Mario pushes the red-trimmed Block further into the wall. The water level should be high enough for you to jump over the cage in the corner. Then go to the red? wet dry world red coins

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Go to Town for Red Coins (Wet-Dry World) and 100 Coin Star

Wet dry world red coins -

Lower the water level to the lowest possible point and stay on the bottom. Then go to the red? Ground pound the blue coin switch and get the six blue coins for 30 coins in total. Layout[ edit ] There are two ways to get to the downtown area. The final one is near the fourth platform. The star is on the highest platform. Jump further up onto the wall.

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