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Waffle coins

waffle coins

Well, from what little knowledge I have on the topic, a waffle coin is a coin that doesn't meet the standards of the mint, and is put through a. › coins › waffle. Rare German Waffle Coin 10 pfennig -***Double Struck ***Cancelled by German Mint. C $ Buy It Now. +C $ shipping estimate. from United States.

Waffle coins -

Well, I thought some more more trouble why not a struck type set? The machine squeezes the condemned coins between to waffled rollers under extreme pressure causing them to be smashed, stretched and distorted all resulting in their cancellation as legal tender. Like most things, here at the Asylum were late to the game and as usual one thing just lead to another. But like tulip bulbs and other items of speculation before them they soon ran headlong into reality. Hell, that always gets me in trouble! Before this meant transporting them offsite to be melted and subsequently the metal recycled. waffle coins

2 thoughts on “Waffle coins

  1. Mr Venkat says:

    Good video Conor, this is the exact same example that I gave a friend of mine yesterday. A 10x is very possible, I believe it will happen this year. Either way I'm long CRO.


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