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Vintage promotional coin banks

vintage promotional coin banks

$ Shipping. Condition: Used. Location: Fredericksburg,VA,USA. VIntage Banthrico bank Chevrolet Coin Bank Promo Car 50's Metal. $. Buy It Now. Sold* at Scottsdale - Lot # Lot of seven vintage promotional coin banks. This vintage Uncle Sam's register bank is a neat 3 coin bank. The bank can accept nickel, dimes and quarters and there is a slot in the back for paper bills. When. Money boxes of various forms were also excavated in Pompeii and Vintage promotional coin banksand appear quite frequently on late ancient provincial sites, particularly in Roman Britain and along the Rhine. Add to Favorites. Custom Shaped Piggy Banks in Bulk Our wholesale penny banks come in many different shapes and styles. Businesses and fundraising organizations sell their items on eBay. Banks for babies, for kids, for children.

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