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Us penny coin

us penny coin

The penny is the United States' one-cent coin. Every penny you've ever spent probably had Abraham Lincoln on it. He's been on the front (obverse) of the penny. The penny is a US coin worth one cent. One hundred pennies make a dollar. One cent can be written 1¢ or $ The US penny was named after the British. Learn more about the Lincoln penny, the U.S.'s one-cent circulating coin. The. us penny coin

Us penny coin -

A few pennies were struck by error in brass dated and are extremely rare. This coin is extremely rare in high grades. To produce Proof coinage for collectors, the U. Thus in the U. There was also a design featuring the Lord's prayer. It was designed by Richard Masters and sculpted by Jim Licaretz. From until today, all U. The wheat cent was mainstream and common during its time. About a dozen aluminum cents are believed to still be in the hands of collectorsalthough they are now considered illegal to own. These have become recognized varieties that are often extremely valuable and sought after by mainstream collectors. The Presidential Dollar us penny coin features portraits of all deceased U. Dollars now exceeds the face value of the coin, caused by increasing us penny coin.

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Us penny coin -

They're not retail or "catalog" values like you find virtually everywhere else. During the early s, the price of copper rose to a point where the cent almost contained one cent's worth of copper. Thus in the U. Collectors must be wary of removed mint marks. They are most valuable in any condition and are highly sought after by coin collectors. The Presidential Dollar series features portraits of all deceased U.

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