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Us bicentennial coins 1976

us bicentennial coins 1976

was the th anniversary of American independence. To help celebrate the event, the backs of three circulating coins were given a special design. Bicentennial quarters were made to commemorate America's th birthday. They feature a special reverse design and the date "–". Given past abuses in the system, the Mint advocated against the issuance of commemorative coins starting in the s. Beginning in , members of Congress.

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Production began a year early in order to discourage hoarding of the coin. Much of the initial production run didn't result in particularly well-struck coins. Ahr's design featuring a colonial drummer, with a torch of victory surrounded by thirteen stars representing the original states was selected for the quarter. Numismatic columnist Ed Reiter noted, though, that the reduction came amidst protests from the numismatic community that the price was too high. Everything else about the obverse remains unchanged. Once striking began, the Mint found that the copper nickel dollar was striking indistinctly, a problem not seen with the silver pieces. He made slight changes to Independence Hall on the half dollar and altered the lettering on the dollar to facilitate the metal flow during stamping and asked the designer to straighten the bottom edge of the Liberty Bell. us bicentennial coins 1976 Furthermore, these commemorative quarters are not the first thing that comes to mind when you want to buy silver coins. Any US citizen could submit one drawing, or photograph of a plaster model 10 inches mm us bicentennial coins 1976 diameter. Circulation quarters, half dollars and dollars would continue to be of copper nickel bonded to an internal layer of copper, that is, copper nickel clad. They differ from all other Bicentennial coins in that they were struck in silver proof without mint mark ; other silver proof coins bear an "S" mint mark as struck at the San Francisco Assay Office as the San Francisco Mint was us bicentennial coins 1976 known. Brooks testified, supporting the limited redesign in the bill, but opposing a more extensive coin redesign.

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