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5 thoughts on “Twenty pence coin with no date

  1. twinkle sonwani says:

    hey dude thanks for the cool content! I tried reaching out on insta but I think it was blocked. would you mind explaining some of the code you wrote for the shorter script. I have been playing around with it trying to understand each line but line 71 in particular (what is [26:0] doing?) doesn't really make sense to me. cheers!

  2. Sandra Jones says:

    В @Dzhamalay RushisviliВ  The best way to excel in trading is having yourself a good broker like expert Patricia

  3. saikat paul says:

    Yea but Cassidy brought up the battle he didn't hear about tho рџ¤Јрџ¤Јрџ¤Јрџ¤Ј


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