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5 thoughts on “Tau coin to btc

  1. Dilip Shah says:

    I've been waiting for a way to reach her as I was going through the comment.

  2. Anjali Joshi says:

    В @D BВ  I'm quite well off myself, not like Ellen or Bill but I could easily afford to let someone else get the groceries for me if I wanted. But I don't and that's because I like to stroll around and get some inspiration on what to buy that I don't get from buying online or letting someone else do it. All people don't have the same preferences and it's wrong to assume things you don't know for certain.

  3. Rita Devi says:

    В @Emma WelderВ  for as long as have faith....

  4. Eric Park says:

    В @BITCOIN DUNIYAВ  coinswitch se karta hu accha apps hai kya sar


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