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Susan b anthony coin 1980 worth

susan b anthony coin 1980 worth

Jan 20, - D Susan B Anthony Dollar Value is $1 circulated coins. If the coin is uncirculated and not certified they're worth $ to $2. If graded MS has estimated the P Susan B Anthony Dollar value at an average of $1, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $4. (see details). Our price guide shows the value of a S Susan B. Anthony Dollar. Free appraisals for how much a Susan B. Anthony Dollar is worth. We are coin experts​!

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: Susan b anthony coin 1980 worth

Vatican silver coins Look susan b anthony coin 1980 worth pieces that exhibit clean not cleaned! Now they are being collected on the basis of the standalone series that they represent. He used the few surviving photographs of Anthony as a reference. Anthony in place of the allegorical Liberty. Anthony dollar Chief Engraver Gasparro was tasked with creating a design for the proposed coin. Anthony's portrait with a design based on the Apollo 11 insignia.
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Alliance gold and coin It's fair to say Susan B. The coin began production at the Philadelphia Mint on December 13, Anthony III, who rejected it on the grounds that it unnecessarily "prettified" her great-aunt, and she criticized another design depicting Anthony at age 84, which she believed made her appear too old. Anthony dollars were signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on October 10, That year, the U. Gasparro also received input and inspiration from her descendants. Susan b anthony coin 1980 worth in time, as more collectors focus on building complete sets, awareness of these varieties and errors will increase.
The intention behind creating the Susan B. We believe strongly that the likeness should be that of an actual woman and not that of an imaginary or symbolic figure. Susan b anthony coin 1980 worth dollar coin as tokens with which to buy tickets. Be choosy when buying these dollar coins. It retired the coin by the end of the year. Anthony Dollars As Susan B. More recently, the Susie B.

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