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5 thoughts on “State coin rings

  1. Ricky Dominic says:

    Ahh more effective than the entire US nuclear arsenal

  2. Rajshrei Tingare says:

    I actually see bitcoin crypto currency taking over the financial world! It's making waves.

  3. KUMAR AMIT says:

    Steve Desjardins The catch could be if the company collapses, or there are major security breaches and your account gets cleaned out, you may not get it back. Also, the particular stablecoin could go away, or there could be a sudden stampede of fear that it could go away, which could comprise it. With that said, the company is reputable and they take security very seriously. I would compare it to getting a beautiful super-affordable house on a flood plain. The flood may never come and you live really well. And maybe there is a dam built by the time the flood would come (translating into government regulation, insurance options, or other additional safeguards and guarantees).

  4. Kumar Subhash says:


  5. aarohan pathak says:

    Love your videos! Would like to see you do a deep dive on AUDIO. 😍


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