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4 thoughts on “Spanish real coin

  1. crAzy bOy aRun says:

    Fan of your vids Kelvin! Great stuff, enjoyed the humor! Looking forward for more. Any plans on a video for the selling of crypto into cash?

  2. khloe says:

    I wish the 00s could come back, like that muchmuch that is possible to have a 'comeback' ... : /

  3. V S says:

    It’s a rebranding of the New World Order... sloganeering. Novus ordo seclorum is on the back of the USD. Study Bretton Woods history, and see that elites (IMF & World Bank Leaders are calling for a “new Bretton Woods”) This is about carbon credits & technocracy etc

  4. manish yadav says:

    He's obviously the best, i invested 20,000 USD with him last week


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