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Sacagawea coin

The “golden dollar”, as the public often calls the coin, is in so many respects quite different from its disco-era predecessor. This new dollar wowed. The Rarest Sacagawea Dollar. Fewer than 20 still available from PCS! In , the U.S. Mint produced a coin of such an exclusive mintage that many don't even​. It was the first dollar made with an outer layer of manganese brass, giving it a golden color. The obverse design features Sacagawea and the reverse depicts a​.

Sacagawea coin -

These were, respectively, Sequoyah and Jim Thorpe. Although the mint originally marketed this coin as the "Golden Dollar," the coin does not contain any gold. Glenna Goodacre, the artist of the obverse, included the large, dark eyes attributed to Sacagawea in Shoshone legends. Anthony dollar. The Mint's agreement with Wal-Mart is designed to encourage all retailers and commercial businesses in the nation to use the new Golden Dollar in everyday transactions. Characteristics Obverse Design The Golden Dollar's obverse, or heads, has Sacagawea portrayed in three-quarter profile. The Mint struck 5, Sacajawea dollars to pay her. Sacagawea coin coin is If she had not, much of the record of the first year of the expedition would have been lost to history. Circulated coins carry no numismatic premium. Closing Thoughts Nobody knows why so few Cheerios Dollars have come to light; some people think they were all spent into circulation, while others believe that they're just sitting in people's drawers and coin jars, waiting to be discovered. Geithner announced that all future dollar coin production would be for numismatic collecting purposes only. Condition or Grade If your coin has no evidence of wear due to being in circulation, it sacagawea coin considered an uncirculated sacagawea coin.

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