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Quarter united states coin

quarter united states coin

Rare US Quarters for sale - Free shipping on many items - Browse rare coins & quarters on eBay. The world's number one numismatic dealer and auctioneer | gold coins, world coins and ancient coins. Match your US coins to the pictures and find silver dollar values, half dollar values, and Barber Quarters - Front Barber Quarters - Back. About the Program. In , the United States Mint began issuing 56 quarter-​dollar coins featuring designs depicting national parks and other. Missouri: The design contest winner for the Missouri quarter, Paul Jackson, has claimed that the Quarter united states coin engraver needlessly redesigned Jackson's original submission. All of these "error coins" were minted at the Denver mint. The first quarter made by the U. These values are approximate retail prices and wholesale costs. The program will honor the national park or other national site in each host jurisdiction deemed most appropriate in terms of natural or historic significance.

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