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Qing dynasty copper coins

qing dynasty copper coins

qing dynasty copper coins

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My Chinese Qing Dynasty Silver Dragon Halves \u0026 Dollars Collection

5 thoughts on “Qing dynasty copper coins

  1. Darryl Sheppard says:

    Lol. I was relating before the first minute. You're definitely Canadian. Subscribed.

  2. Itar Rahardjo says:

    This is a somewhat understandable oversimplification. It does get sent to a of address, but you're right, that kind of address is a non-custodial escrow address where can only decide which side of the escrow gets to take the money out at the end, and nothing else.

  3. Lakhan Singh says:

    В @Jesse HollidayВ  Yeah, that's not happening on our lifetime.


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