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5 thoughts on “Pq coin

  1. Rahul Kamble says:

     @Panos Coach  that’s because you bought in after it was announced they said it people got happy now they’re actually buying up whilst everyone is selling and believe Bitcoin is dead look at the 42k to 28k correction that was around 30% we still have haven’t hit a 30% correction I just think it’s still early to think about a downtrend especially because all indicators that have been correct every bull run don’t show a top yet so who knows we will see

  2. Zeenat Qureshi says:

    Am not here to converse but to testify just for what I'm sure of, she's trustworthy and has been the best option ever since.

  3. Komal Gharat says:

    Great perspective Bitboy, thanks for the orientation, perfect.

  4. Malatimadhava says:

    This is my new favorite channel on YouTube! Just keep up what you're doing!


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