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Perandus coin

perandus coin

For a little coin, those hands could be yours. Perandus Coins. Yes, you are quite right to query my curious penchant for obsolete. Perandus Coins are used to trade with Cadiro Perandus. He will spawn on a specific unique map, Perandus Manor, or during a Betrayal. How Do Perandus Coins Work? How do I find Cadiro Perandus? ยท So this is my first ever PoE League and I'm trying to figure out how I spend.

: Perandus coin

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perandus coin

Perandus coin -

I have a backer, you see, who generously supports my ongoing liquidity. Wipe the tears off your face and enjoy the League on Friday. The sky didn't fall. We were never vain enough to make the name official. To the mundane mind they are myths, nothing but stories.

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