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Patisserie coin de rue

patisserie coin de rue

Natsume (Yu Aoi) is a young woman who travels from Kagoshima to Tokyo to find her boyfriend. Natsume fins a job at "Patisserie Coin de rue" - a pastry shop run. Patisserie Coin de rue is a Japanese drama film directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa. It stars Yōsuke Eguchi, who is playing the role of a legendary patissier. Patisserie Coin De Rue (Japanese Movie); 洋菓子店コアンドル; Yougashiten Koandoru; Tomura was once widely lauded as a legendary. patisserie coin de rue In fact, as soon as I have finished typing this I'll google to see where there are ant bakeries in the city where I'm staying right patisserie coin de rue I had high hopes for it and it didn't disappoint as far as the cakes are concerned. I should root for the main character and feel what she is feeling and share her passion when I watch a movie! A character from a small town comes to Tokyo and learns to be more humble while learning a profession. Together, they produce pastries in time for the party, and their pastries are praised by the people at the party. What a waste, anyone could have played that role and it patisserie coin de rue have made a difference.

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