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Obama coin us mint

obama coin us mint

Obama coin, president coins, medals, medallion, medallions, commemorative, commemoratives, Obama medal, gold, compare with U.S. mint, uncirculated. In early , the United States Mint began producing half dollars featuring the likeness of President Kennedy on the obverse. Citizens waited in. Featured on the obverse of the Barack Obama Coin is a likeness of Barack Obama along with the inscriptions "44th President" and "" The reverse‚Äč. obama coin us mint

Obama coin us mint -

The program was to issue coins featuring each of four presidents per year on the obverse, issuing one for three months before moving on to the next president in chronological order by term in office. Both coins sit within a LockTite, crystal clear enclosure affixed to a full color 5x15 inch tri-fold containing the timeline and historical record of the president. Barack Obama coins were already being sold on television and cable channels by shopping show coin dealers and small non-governmental mints, even before Obama was elected President of the United States. The bronze Obama medal is not rare nor limited in number. The Obama quarters are gold plated and bear a picture -- baby pictures, in some cases -- of the 44th president on one side. In fact, for the silver and gold versions, Obama's site was the only place to buy them, unless someone is reselling at a public auction site like eBay. Many patterns, and then beautifully enhanced with colorized images by the Merrick Mint coin that President Obama commemorative.. The public scrambled for mementos of this much-beloved president. S to be gold-plated, with a market cap of The law dictated that presidents would be honored in the order that they served. Proof-finish The private mints who create these "collectible" Obama coins are also defacing State Quarters by colorizing them. President Obama giving a presidential challenge coin to Vice Adm. Edge-lettered obama coin us mint date back to the s.

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