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Nickel coin president

nickel coin president

Denomination, Face on Coin, Image (source: Wikipedia). 1 cent penny, President Abraham Lincoln. 5 cent nickel, President Thomas Jefferson. In , the United States Treasury elected to stop minting the Buffalo nickel. U.S. Mint announced a contest to design a coin in honor of the third President. DESIGN A WASHINGTON NICKEL; Coin with First President's Head to be the head of George Washington, to take the place of the nickels now in circulation.

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Which all USA PRESIDENTS are on the COINs? His wife and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy chose the half-dollar to memorialize her husband. The bronze cent represented a major portion of the Mint's nickel coin president, and Wharton began to lobby for the piece nickel coin president be struck in copper-nickel, as it had been from until After spending fifteen years in the hands of the eccentric Col. Saint-Gaudens, before his death indesigned a new eagle and double eaglewhich entered circulation that year; the cent, quarter eagleand half nickel coin president were redesigned by other artists and were released into circulation by Although the nickel and silver dollar had been redesigned within the previous quarter-century, a provision in the latter act made them eligible for immediate redesign. Kennedy: 35th president - appears on the half dollar or 50 cent coin. The first design on the five cent coin was the Shield nickel, which was struck from until nickel coin president

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