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Mushroom kingdom purple coins

mushroom kingdom purple coins

Moon Kingdom Purple Coins. Home Collectibles Super Mario Odyssey Guide & Walkthrough Moon Kingdom. I can't find the last 3 purple coins in mushroom kingdom can someone help me. Iv checked everywhere but I can't find theme. 4 comments. share. save. hide. All Purple Coins Locations | Mushroom Kingdom · 3 Coins: Right on the main road to the castle. · 3 Coins: Left of the main road to the castle.

Mushroom kingdom purple coins -

Need more help? Just under the bridge hides a few coins. Look for two sets of three on the stone ledges of the hill. There's even another three to the right of the Odyssey on the grass. Mushroom Kingdom Coins Follow the river up and walk under the bridge to collect four coins. The rest are scattered around this peaceful little realm. Hop down to get them. Mushroom kingdom purple coins more help? There's dekado coin price lots of unique items to buy from the Crazy Cap shop that are only available in this region, including the Mario 64 Cap and Mario 64 outfit. Find out all their locations with this Mushroom Kingdom Purple Coins guide. There are three coins resting under the main bridge. You'll find three behind the main chair at the top of main staircase these are very easy to miss on your travelsbut that it's in terms of Region Coins inside this mushroom kingdom purple coins. You can find a bunch of coins on top of Nessie. mushroom kingdom purple coins

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