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Mount vernon coins

mount vernon coins

Mount vernon coins -

mount vernon coins

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Plowing the Fields at Mount Vernon

4 thoughts on “Mount vernon coins

  1. Sky land top c says:

    Always enjoy your content. Great insight! This week I applied for a mortgage using VA. I have a significant Crypto portfolio. I included that on my application and was promptly informed to take it off as it is categorized as "Money Laundering" by the government and cannot be included any mortgage. So, they are good taxing it but not including it in my net worth calculation. Clearly they are scared as the power shift occurring is away from them.

  2. sagar rout says:

    @George: not every stable coin is pegged to USD. Ramify makes much more sense to me, which is pegged to commodities, so no fiat currency involved, and hence, inflation resistant. (But it's a very very low cap)

  3. Raj Kumar Gupta says:

    Umm it says here that you still a bitch - Cassidy probably lol

  4. Samir Gujarkar says:

    Lots of bureaucracy to buy the coins, they make it really difficult for people to invest.


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