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Modern greek coins

modern greek coins

Byzantine coins, Ancient Greek coins, Ancient Roman coins, Biblical coins. ) Coinage of Greece: (Part IV) Modern Greek coins: i) Drachmas and leptas: ii​) Commemorative Coins issued by the Bank of Greece. Modern Greek Coins · 50 Lepta · 50 LEPTA HELLENIC REPUBLIC · 1 Drachma · 2 Drachmas · 5 Drachmas · 20 Drachmas.

Modern greek coins -

On the obverse of the 50 Drachma coins, the portrait of Homer is shown. Very small numbers of and drachma coins in gold were also issued. Democritus BC : was a Greek philosopher, who developed the atomic theory of the Universe which had been originated by his mentor, the philosopher Leucippus. Bouboulis was killed during a battle with Algerian pirate ships in , she took over his trading operations and began preparations for the Greek War of Independence. In , a new series of coins was again issued which included denominations of 10 lepta coins raging bull originating from Thourii coins — an ancient Greek colony in Southern Italy , 20 lepta coins Bust of a horse , 50 lepta coins Marcos Botsaris , 1 Drachma coins Konstantinos Kanaris , 5 Drachma coins Aristotle , 10 Drachma coins Demokritos and 20 Drachma coins Pericles. The 20 Drachma coin depicted the moon Goddess Selene on horseback riding on the Sea. Ina 50 Modern greek coins was minted depicting the modern greek coins of Solon. Ina 50 Drachma coin was minted, depicting the head of Homer on the front and an ancient Greek ship, the Trireme, on the back. Coins in denominations from 50 lepta to 20 drachmae carried a portrait of King Paul — Ina silver 30 drachma circulating commemorative coin was modern greek coins in Paris to commemorate the Centenary of the Greek Royal Dynasty. In5, 10 and 20 lepta coins were minted in cupro-nickel, the 1 and 2 lepta denominations were not minted after owing to inflationary pressures. Cupro-nickel drachmae coins were introduced in modern greek coins

Modern greek coins -

Three modern Greek Drachma based currencies have been introduced in recent times - the first being circulated in and the last being replaced by the euro in at an exchange rate of Her fleet took part in many naval battles and dominated the Aegean, inflicting severe damage upon the far superior Turkish fleet. The first galleys had single banks of oars, but the navies of Egypt, Greece and Phoenicia progressed to two-banked galleys and later the three-banked trireme, which was dubbed the first Battleship — fast moving with an awesome striking power and manoeuvrability. The Second Republic: In , a military junta seized power which deposed the King and abolished the monarchy in The Drachma Commemorative coin depicting the boxer Diagoras of Rhodes BC being carried by his sons who too were Olympic winners — one in boxing and the other in the panfratium. In , two 50 drachma coins of the Greek Parliament commemorating the th Anniversary of the Constitution featuring Dimitrios Kallergis and Ioannis Makrygiannis were issued.

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