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Mario bros ds star coins

mario bros ds star coins

New Super Mario Brothers 2 brings back the fun and excitement that the two quirky plumbers have always been known for, and with them. For New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, Star Coin Location Guide by RX7InfinitiIII. In order to gain access to the Star Coin, get a Super Mushroom become Super Mario (i.e. normal sized, not small Mario) or Fire Mario and Butt.

Mario bros ds star coins -

Jump to reach the coin as the mushroom reaches its peak. Go back a few steps to see a tiny pipe; go down that. Jump on top of the pipe, and jump for the coin. Coin 2: Halfway through the level, the coin is above some grating on the right side surrounded by electric ball things. Once you get to the new platform, enter the pipe. Jump from the floating? Coin 3: A quarter of the way between the checkpoint and the end, the coin is clearly visible in the center of the screen. Jump to reach the coin as the mushroom reaches its mario bros ds star coins. Jump and get the coin before the block beneath it sinks back into the lava. Coin 3: Near the end, when you see a whirlpool with blocks surrounding its base, allow yourself to be sucked in. Coin 3: Right near the end, there is a tiny pipe.

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New Super Mario Bros. DS - All 240 Star Coin Locations (Complete Guide)

Mario bros ds star coins -

Revised Coin 3 section in stage 3-S, submissions by navyinthemaroons hotmail. Walljump up through this area, then look left. Jump when the swinging platform reaches its peak to land on the overhang and get the coin. The block will reveal a P-Switch. As the green blocks fall at the end, fall with the last one until you can jump off and grab the coin as you go by. The first coin is located close to the beginning of the stage in an overhang.

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