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Leather coin sack

leather coin sack

Leather Tote - DIY: In this Instructable you will learn how to transform a piece of leather into a modern, simple tote bag. It can be used to carry books, as a purse or. Handy Leather Coin Purse Doubles-Up As A Self-Defense Weapon. Muggers, rapists, kidnappers, there's a lot of offenders everywhere who are looking for a. a quarter serves no real purpose in this world, that is until now! With this unique leather coin purse you can turn your coins into a weapon.

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This is why we must be on our guard all the time. But it also doubles as a self-defense weapon. If we ever encounter a nefarious attacker, heaven forbid, a basic knowledge leather coin sack self-defense can literally save our lives. Store your coins inside the pouch through its zippered opening. You never know what mishap may come your way. More importantly, this mini leather coin purse can be used leather coin sack a self-defense tool, making it an ideal every-day-carry must-have.

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